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What is CPD?
The CNHC (Comlementary and Natural Healthcare Council) defines CPD as:-

A range of learning activities through which professionals grow and develop throughout their careers to ensure that they retain their capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice.

Why the Need for CPD?

Therapists registered with an appropriate Professional Association are required to complete a minimum number of hours CPD per year, which ensures we stay up-to-date and safe to practise. For example the CNCH (Council for National and Complimentary Healthcare) require 15 hours and the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) requires 25 hours per year.

As well as improving the quality of our work, CPD also enables us to improve our service to our clients. Through CPD we can learn new techniques, advance our existing skills and knowledge and maintain best practice.

If you are a Practitioner in another area of Healthcare or Complementary Therapy and you have experience using hypnosis, Hypnotherapy CPD can be a valuable addition to your area of expertise and allow you to offer something more to your clients.

CPD courses offered by The Hypnotherapy Academy are open to qualified and trainee Hypnotherapists, as well as other Practitioners who have experience of working with hypnosis. For those not already qualified as a Hypnotherapist through an Accredited Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, CPD courses are aimed at developing and advancing existing skills without awarding the title of 'Hypnotherapist'.

Current Hypnotherapy CPD Training Courses

The Hypnotherapy CPD Training Courses we're currently running are:-

  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Addictions
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Panic
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Children
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Depression
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Pain Management
  • Certificate in PartsTherapy
  • Certificate in Past Life Regression
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Performance Enhancement (Academic/Sports/Music/Business)
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Phobias
  • Certificate in Hypnobirthing & Pregnancy
  • Certificate in Rapid Inductions
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy Script Writing
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Stress
  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Why choose my Hypnotherapy CPD Courses?
Your Principal trainer Holly Wincote of Holly Wincote Hypnotherapy is a qualified, experienced Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner with her own busy, private practices. Holly is a Certified Trainer with over 20 years experience of designing and delivering training courses and believes that learning should be fun as well factual! With Holly you can be assured you are getting the very best hypnotherapy and hypnosis training at excellent value for money.

The Hypnotherapy CPD Courses, which are based on successful client results, encompass different learning styles, ensuring everyone gains maximum benefit from the training. There are practical exercises and demonstrations for delegates which make it engaging, informative and highly enjoyable. In addition to this, you will be provided with plenty of new and original inductions and scripts for you to use with your clients and a CPD Course Certificate.

To read more about Holly click this link http://www.atherapy.co.uk/

Holly Wincote

Contact Me

If you would like more information on Hypnotherapy CPD Courses or you would like to book your place, please contact me.

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